About Us

Our Story

It started around 2014 when Tolulope J. Idiakhoa our founder had just moved to Lagos. She had exhausted her budget on renting her beautiful apartment and badly needed to buy furniture for the apartment, but the only issue was she had just enough money left for one major piece of furniture; a sofa set or a bed.

Of course, she chose the bed, but she spent many weeks afterward getting upset about the fact that whenever her friends came to visit, they had to sit on her bed. She was forced to watch in horror on more occasions than she cared to count as they placed dirty feet on, spilled food, and messed up her bed. She recalls thinking during those times, “If only furniture was cheap, I would have gotten a sofa too”, “if only I could click a button that converted this bed into a sofa”. Well, that thought pushed her to research cheap and convertible furniture, but she found limited choices. After further research, the idea of expanding these options was born, but it wasn’t until 2017 that she was finally able to realize the dream in the name of Arcteriorscape Limited; a company offering design, interior, furniture, and creative-direction solutions specifically tailored to young professionals and the upwardly mobile, especially people with small landed assets and small living spaces.

We are registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission with registration number RC 1388564. In the years since we commenced operation, Arcteriorscapes clientele has comprised mostly of the demographic of working professionals and the upwardly mobile, with design services tailored specifically to their space and taste without breaking the bank. We’re dedicated to giving the very best of products and services, with a focus on three basic principles; uniqueness, functionality, and social consciousness.

Arcteriorscape products and services have been a hit since their inception, and over the years, our standards of quality are just as uncompromising as when the brand was founded. We serve customers all over Nigeria and are thrilled to be a part of the quirky and innovative wing of the design and furniture industry. Our greatest joy, is knowing that our clients enjoy using our products as much as we loved creating them.

Our Principles

As a design firm we are guided by three basic principles:


All our designs combine the important aspect of design aesthetics to create designs of beauty. Renowned for simplicity and minimalism, our designs are flawless, elegant, and incorporate powerful craftsmanship.


Along with beauty, all Arcteriorscape designs bring about a robust and functional space for your daily use. Every space will be clean and uncluttered, yet wholly livable. Perfect for any size space, you will never have to choose function or beauty again.

Social Consciousness

All our raw materials are mostly sourced from the best companies in Nigeria, the Middle East, and Europe, except in cases where it is otherwise specified by the client. We strongly encourage a circular economy where there is no waste and all materials are valuable, hence reducing cost, wastage, and can last the client and users a lifetime.


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