Furniture and product design

We design and create unique furniture which are handcrafted, custom wooden furniture and home furnishings built to your specifications, are visually appealing, strong and durable. We work with skilled craftsmen and artisans and employ an extensive range of materials, techniques and specialist finishes for an unparalleled result. We recognize our social responsibility as a commercial concern and are committed to the protection of the world’s resources by sourcing the component parts of our products responsibly, ensuring any waste generated is kept to a minimal.

We also offer refinishing, repair and upholstery services. This is one of the best way to update valued furniture to new interior design colour trends. We are happy to colour match to the item’s original colour, or work with our clients in creating a custom colour. If you have invested in a well made, designer dining set, bedroom set or living room set in the past, why buy new when you can simply update what you already have?

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