How We Work

Initial Consultation

We begin our process with a brief phone call to discuss your plans for your project and our general requirements. We will then set up a physical client meeting. This meeting is for us to fully evaluate the project space and to gather all of the necessary information that our team will need.

Client Meeting/Interview

Each project starts with a no-charge initial meeting with the client at the property. This is an initial opportunity to discuss the project in detail and take the brief. During the discovery meeting we learn about the client’s personality, their style and their individual lifestyle, tastes and aspirations – in essence, to learn what is important to them in creating the new scheme so that the finished project is a true reflection of them. We’d also discuss outline budgets and time scale so that the project can progress smoothly. This meeting is followed up with a written proposal to the client. We believe that it is very important to engage and work together with our clients as the project evolves.

Agreement & Retainer

We prepare a written, customized agreement outlining the specific areas for your review and approval. We then require a signed agreement and retainer to begin our work.

Concept Design

In response to the client’s brief a concept scheme is created for discussion. This will be presented in the form of draft layouts showing space utilization, any structural modifications and furniture layouts. We produce mood boards to demonstrate colour schemes, wall and window treatments along with options for fabrics and finishes. At this stage we produce a draft Cost Plan which includes provisional sums for any works along with an outline programme.

The Design Concept process includes the following: Gathering of conceptual ideas, such as finish selections, colours, fabrics, furniture & lighting specification sheets. Samples of the above are supplied for visualization.

Detail Design

Once all elements in the concept design are agreed with the client, the project moves to the Detail Design and Specification stage. We come up with a one-of-a-kind plan that best implements the clients’ vision of their space. The plan will address size, spatial relationships, budget, colour, texture, scale, functionality and user experience.

Every element of the scheme is designed and specified for the client to sign-off. Samples are presented for discussion and client approval. At this stage we also can propose, curate and install accessories as required.


Once the detail design has been agreed a detailed cost plan is shared with the client. This sets out the cost of each individual element per room and a summarized project total. To give our clients best value, within the procurement service, all items are supplied with the benefit of discounts as available. A procurement fee is charged to manage every stage of the procurement process from price / delivery negotiation through production / delivery / quality management, in order to maintain programme and to deal with any post delivery issues that may arise.

We create formal proposals that include each item to be ordered and any important details about each item. The signed proposal along with the specified deposit will be required to place all orders. Tax, shipping, delivery and installation charges are invoiced separately. Approved proposals cannot be cancelled, returned or exchanged. In the case of product damage, Arcteriorscape will act as your advocate.

Project Management

The overall programme is drawn up and agreed with the client. Progress of the project is managed and monitored on site on a regular basis and any issues arising in the course of the project are resolved in a timely and pragmatic manner in order to maintain quality and programme. Any snagging issues are resolved quickly and efficiently to the client’s satisfaction.

We don’t stop at project management. We make sure you are 100% happy with every detail! Project finalization includes finishing touches, art and accessories. After a project is finalized, there is the possibility of a photography session of the project upon client approval.

Fitting & Handover

With construction and decoration completed we arrange for a full site clean before installing window treatments and carpets. We then coordinate the delivery and positioning of all furniture and furnishings. We often curate artwork and home accessories at this stage as well, to create the finished look, or we can dress your new interior with your existing treasures, to give each room your own personal stamp.

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