Meet Our Founder


Message from our founder

Hello, my name is Tolulope Jasmine Idiakhoa. I am an architect, carpenter, colour psychologist, and artist; but I would describe myself simply as a creative. Starting from when I was young, I would spend hours pouring over my mother’s art and craft books after which I would set out to recreate the designs I had seen in the books using pieces of papers I found around the house.

Some of these papers, unfortunately, turned out to be important documents, much to my parent’s horror, but being an artist herself, it didn’t take long for my mother to realize my inclination to art and design and she encouraged me the best way she could. That encouragement would later inform my decision to study architecture at the University. As a creative, I strongly believe in people-oriented design; in products, services, spaces that genuinely meet human needs (user experience as we call it). A good user-centric design to me is one that embodies the specific user need; that is safe without being brutal and beautiful without being decorative.

I love to work with creatives and design enthusiasts; people who don’t quite fit in any box, are unique and of elegant taste. The ones who have had sighs, eye rolls and laughs at their design dreams and can’t seem to find architects or designers who understand or appreciate their vision. I help them make those dreams a reality.

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